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wellness for all of you

wellness for every single part of you. for every intersection of your identity. for your whole, human experience so you can be 

well to the last drop.

we & us Holistic Wellness unites woo-woo esoteric wisdom 

with real world evidence-based practices

to create a healing space where you can 

activate your purpose and accomplish your goals - 

mind, body and soul

wellness needs to check its privilege

for the culture. for the community

we & us serves individuals often marginalized or underrepresented in the wellness space, providing coaching, community events and resources supporting you to integrate your intersecting identities and leverage them to realize your full potential on your own terms

if you've ever been Othered, you've found a supportive space where you can receive empathetic, culturally competent, holistic guidance from a certified Health & Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine professional who knows the struggle is real

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BIPOC Individuals

we & us is a space where the global majority can express themselves freely while gaining the personal empowerment to flourish in a disempowering world

a globe showing africa, europe and part of asia
First-Gen Americans

For the children of immigrants and courageous expats out there, we & us provides culturally cognizant, empathetic support to help you live
The Dream

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At we & us those in the LGBTQIA+ community will find judgement free support to assist you in living your fullest expression of self

A brown skinned hand holding up live long and prosper
Freaks, Geeks & Weirdos

If you're an ally in the struggle, you're welcome at we & us. Here you can safely express your
other-ness, come and let your flag fly

Reignite Your Light

At we & us our services support you on your path to creating the life that's right for you. Just because you're working on yourself doesn't mean you have to go it alone.
we & us provides support for:

  • Behavioral Health Management
  • Somatic Awareness & Body Acceptance
  • Identity Exploration
  • Intuitive & Ancestral Nutrition
  • Spiritual/Metaphysical Exploration
  • Life Design & Goal Achievement

If you’ve been playing it small, dimming your light, or hesitating to Be all that you are - this is your call to strike. Get glowing.

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Get Practical
& Magical 

we & us' coaching process utilizes empirical, evidence-based science such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine and Goal Setting strategies and integrates them with esoteric wisdom like Human Design, Gene Keys, Ayurveda and Astrology to provide a holistic wellness framework that supports your self-discovery and helps you define and create your life on your own terms

A Process
You Can Trust...

Integrating assessment, support, and education, our wellness sessions are designed to dive deep into your health and well-being objectives and turn your wildest imaginings into matters of fact.

  • Define and develop habits that help you maintain emotional equilibrium

  • Make movement a ritual and become comfortable in the skin you're in

  • Express your whole self and determine how you want the world to see you

  • Ideate your ideal life and create an actionable strategy to make it a reality

  • Find what foods fuel you and help you feel healthful through ancestry and intuition

  • Engage in self-discovery by contemplating esoteric practices

Fresh Start

Your initiual coaching session embarks by identifying where you are currently in terms of your well-being and your unique vision for your desired future. Together, we'll bridge that gap. 

Design & Creation

In subsequent sessions, you’re provided a sacred space to celebrate your progress, refine your vision, and adjust your approach, as needed. This ensures you continue making progress towards your long-term wellness objectives.

Soul Finding

Next, we weave insights from your birth charts, deep questioning and active listening into profound reflection. From there, we collaborate to ideate strategies in alignment with your peak wellness vision.

Support & Accountability

Through your advocate and the we & us community, you’ll receive positive reinforcement throughout the process, allowing you to reclaim your agency and unlock your greatest potential. 

Holistic Wellness Coaching
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1:1 Wellness Coaching
Specialty Sessions
Community Events

To get started on your growth we & us provides 1:1 coaching, specialty sessions for specific modalities, some esoteric edu-tainment, and group session to help you thrive in community

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7-week coaching program

Our 7-week chakra- inspired program supports long-term achievement in every aspect of life with:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Community Events
  • Personalized Workbooks
  • Progress Partners
Reclaim your...
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first impresh sesh to see if our vibes mesh

a good word...

With we & us coaching, your wellness is truly a priority that you are held accountable for and as a result you feel better about where you are at each week....I have never learned so much about myself in such a short period of time.

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Laveet A.

Philadelphia, PA