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Meet Devon Courtney Tholoana Knight, but please call her DiC. DiC is a certified LifeStyle Medicine and wellcoach© Health and Wellness practitioner who lives and breathes Behavioral and Holistic Wellness.

With past lives as an artist, educator and comedian, DiC harnesses creativity, life-long learning and humor to create playful and powerful environments for growth.

DiC is a first-generation Makholokoe-Basotho-American and a proud representation of her southern African roots. Her mother's surname, Moloi, is tied to a rich spiritual inheritance , leading to DiC's passion for ritual, natural healing, and honoring gifts from a higher power. Her aim is to help people heal and transform themselves, continuing a legacy that started long ago and remains essential in today's world.

we & us clients describe DiC as...

  • Insightful, Supportive & Engaging

    Charisse P.

    Denver, CO

    Charisse P.
  • Informative, Encouraging & Friendly

    Laveet A.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Laveet A.
  • Honest, Insightful & Creative

    Myesha C.

    Washington, D.C.

    Myesha C.
  • Open, Direct & Loving

    Silvia F.

    Los Angeles, CA

we & us values



care for self, care for others, being full of care. at we & us we define care as paying attention, listening to cues and responding in ways that support well-being. whether that applies to your relationship with your body or your best friend, no progress can be made without taking care



we & us believes that retaining a sense of wonder and remaining curious are key to navigating this great mystery we call life. Our esoteric influences come from a passionate curiosity about ancient wisdoms and their possible modern day applications. 



belonging, collaboration, and support are the backbone of this work. working on yourself shouldn’t mean going it alone. In our 1:1 and group sessions we & us creates an environment that fosters personal growth along with meaningful connections 

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