community events

we & us holds multiple opportunities to gather and grow and with community every month. check out our events

1.11 Full Circle 5 Day
Wellness Retreat

we & us Holistic Wellness is excited to introduce our 5-day wellness retreat from January 8th to January 12th @ 10am -11am PST, designed to help you achieve alignment and balance, inspired by all 7 chakras, bringing you into a complete state of well-being.

cycles: New and Full Moon series

every month around the new and full moons we & us creates a space where you can honor yourself and your natural cycles of growth. come and call in new beginnings or release stale energy.

the tide is turning. are you ready to make waves?

private wellness sessions

In these 1:1 sessions, DiC will be your advocate supporting you in building self-efficacy and learning to advocate for yourself. You'll ideate your best life and grow to meet or surpass your goals utilizing science-backed strategies combined with spiritual support 

45-min session

Focus on a single goal

Keep momentum

Accountability support

Refocus your goal


75-min session

Focus on 3-5 goals

Design-think solutions

Get to the root

Get clear on your big picture



Work with DiC long-term with our 4-week bundles. Our bundles are a great place to start your journey of growth. 


Purchase 4 weeks of 45-minute sessions


Purchase 4 weeks of 75-minute session

full spectrum support

we & us offers services that help you to dream big, define your best life and achieve your ambitions in every aspect of life, holistically

Behavioral Health Management

Define and develop habits that help you maintain your emotional equilibrium  

Somatic Awareness & Body Acceptance

Make movement a ritual and become comfortable in the skin you're in

Identity Exploration

Express your full self and determine how you want to show up in the world

Life Design & Goal Achievement

Ideate your ideal life and create an actionable strategy to make it a reality

Intuitive & Ancestral Nutrition

Find what foods fuel you and help you feel healthful

Spiritual/Metaphysical Exploration

Engage in self-discovery by contemplating esoteric practices

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