transform from every angle 

connect-the-dots is we & us Holistic Wellness' 7-week
course and coaching program that is science-based and chakra-inspired
to help you revolutionize all areas of your life

With personalized workbooks, 1:1 sessions, and community events,
connect-the-dots™ is a system that pairs empirical Positive Psychology practices
with Modern Metaphysical principles to help you gain a holistic
Mind, Body and Soul Tune-Up

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Each week you’ll play as a chakra-inspired dot to assess and reenvision one of 7 Life Areas. Each dot has its own path of reflection and self-connection to help you revitalize each area as you refine your highest vision and set objectives for your life.

  • Red: Embodiment
    Your Physical Body
    How You Take Up Space In The World, Leadership, Self-Care, Safety

  • Orange: Generation
    Creativity & Receptivity
    Wealth, What We Produce, Sensuality, Sexuality, Giving and Getting

  • Yellow: Mission
    Identity & Career,
    Who Do You Show Up As?
    What are your Whys?

  • Green: Alchemy
    Desire & Meaning
    Dare to Dream, Dare to Realize Your Dreams 

  • Blue: Openness
    Communication & Relationships Emoting, Hard Words - Big Hugs

  • Indigo: Envisioning
    Imagining & Innovating
    Spirituality, Seeing the Change before Being the Change

  • Violet: Awareness
    Time & Attention
    Where is your focus going?
    What are your whispers?

  •  As the game progresses
    you’ll see progress in each life area, creating Holistic Balance.

we & us has your back

You're covered on all fronts through all 7-weeks with accountability from Progress Partners, face-to-face time with your coach and weekly group session that provide a community of support

1 -on- 1 Support

Individual Private Coaching

What's included:

ideate your ideal life

fine-tune your goals

strategize your path to success

make actionable progress

Community Events

Group Sessions

What's included:

peer-support for your goals

share your triumphs and trials

foster deep connections

celebrate wins with your cohort

Interactive Workbooks

Personalized Guidance

What's included:

personalized to your birth chart

in-depth self-inquiry

custom affirmations

real-world exercises

1:1 wellness sessions

In addition to community sessions, we'll meet each week one-on-one to envision the big picture of your life then break it down into actionable steps to make the vision a reality

Week 1: set your scope

Imagine your best life. In our first week you create a grand vision for your life, AKA your Scope

Week 3: mile markers

You'll brainstorm and break down your 3-month goals into weekly milestones

Week 2: plot your route

Strategize your path to improvement by setting 3 Scope related 3-month goals

Weeks 4-7:

Maintain Momentum, Recalibrate direction and speed, Fine-tune your Scope. In the last Month of the course you receive hands-on support to help you realize your goals.

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connect-the-dots has flexible options so you can choose your own adventure. we & us Holistic Wellness offers a full group coaching program with all the fixin's or a self-guided course



Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Personalized Workbooks

Bi-weekly Group Sessions

Course + Community

Custom Resources

Weekly Progress Partners

Payment plan


/ 2 payments

Everything in Group Coaching in 2 installments

Self - Guided


/ 4 months access

Chakra Alignment Course

Goal Setting Guide

Workbooks (not custom)

Online Community

Birth Chart Guide:

  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys
  • Astrology
  • Nine Star Ki

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