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how do community events and private sessions differ?

group sessions offer both a sense of community and a framework for achieving lasting change in your life. your fellow cohort members share the same desire for transformation, and together you commit to supporting one another to the best of your abilities in reaching your shared goals. your wellness advocate provides a structured environment, empowers you to overcome obstacles, and serves as an attentive and understanding listener.

during our personal sessions, we will collaborate to envision what's possible for your life and develop comprehensive strategies to achieve your objectives from a holistic perspective. we'll proceed by defining your scope for the next 1-3 months, then break it down into weekly actions that you can take to advance. throughout the process, we will track your progress, challenge any limiting beliefs, and engage in profound self-reflection. if you're intrigued by this opportunity, please sign up below to join us.

NOTE: Wellness Advocacy/Coaching can be beneficial for mental health support, it is not a substitute for therapy given by a licensed mental health professional.

do you offer packages for long-term support?

we & us Holistic Wellness offers long-term packages that are tailored to provide you with sustained support to help achieve your goals and overall well-being. our offerings include 4-week 1:1 session bundles and a 7-week group coaching program, personalized to meet your needs. long-term support is essential in achieving lasting results, and we are confident that our packages will help you sustain whole and healthful living. for more information, please contact us to discuss what best suits your needs. 

what am I committing to when I book a session or package?

by signing up for 1:1 or specialty sessions, you agree to prioritize your wellness and progress. we & us asks that you approach these sessions with an open mind, a belief in the possibility of change, and a readiness to take action. during 1:1 sessions, we will set goals and hold you accountable, so please come ready to turn your dreams into reality.

when you book a program like our upcoming ZWERQ or connect-the-dots, you commit to attending all sessions for the duration of the program. Our programs are group-centered, so your participation is required. we ask that you be fully present and committed to making progress and achieving change.

why do you ask for birthdates and times?

when you book a session with us, we ask for your birth date and time to provide personalized resources. we collect this information to compile data from your astrological birth charts, human design and gene key profiles, secret language of birthdays, and hidden symmetry. these metaphysical profiles serve as entry points for self-inquiry and exploration

how do I get started?

at we & us, we value your well-being and offer a variety of services to support it. our options include community events, specialized sessions, private 1:1 sessions, and long-term group programs. you can get a glimpse of what we offer by attending our community events. if you're interested in connect-the-dots or our private sessions, you can book a 20-minute consultation with DiC here 

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